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Namaskaram, I am Kuppam. Srinivasarao , a small apiculture bee keeper. I have started this honey production 38 years before with the help of khadi and villege board. Whatever small quantity of honey i produce, i directly supply to my regular customers directly. 

So, many of you know me personally. And from past 20 years, we are exhibiting our honey in KVIB stall at Hyderabad Nampally Numaish exhibition grounds.  So, most of you seen me and tasted our honey.

Today, I wish to share you all about honey production. And how to choose pure honey.....


In pure honey production, there are two important mantras

1st mantra:

Ripened honey: means the honey which is naturally processed by honey bees with some enzymes and make bee wax layer after processing. Which is called Ripened pure honey. There will not be any expiry for this kind of honey.

If we take out the honey with out ripening. That honey will get spoiled soon. So, most of the honey producers, they lab process it like heating and adding some chemicals and preservatives for storage. But during this process honey looses its natural enzymes and minerals. So, we always need to choose Ripened raw honey rather than lab processed honey. How to differentiate: If you observe any honey having same color, flavour, smell and taste through out the year means, it is lab processed. Because, pure ripened raw honey changes its color, taste, flavour according to the flowering season.

2nd mantra: Migration:

This is very important and differentiate factor in pure honey production. In Apiculture, we should provide flowering seasons to honey bees through out the year. Which is not possible if we keep the bee boxes in only one area. So, we need to migrate bee boxes throughout the year according to the different flowering seasons to different parts of the india. Which takes lot of effort and require more investment.

That's why, many of the bee keepers, they just take one flowering season of the particular area. After that, they just feed the honey bees with some syrups and get honey. That's why, they can't produce different flower season honey. So, as i have said (Migration, Migration,Migration) is the biggest mantra.

This is not a promotion message for our honey. But, I wish to make you aware about the pure ripened raw honey. Because, honey is the only available long lasting natural food with very good medicinal values.